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    Welcome to my ham radio website! Ham radio has been a big part of my life since I was a kid back in 1960. I received my novice class license in Laurel, MD, and was issued the callsign KN3TIN. I quickly obtained my general class license and the N was dropped from the callsign, resulting in K3TIN, which I held for about 44 years. My flying career has generated several moves and I finally got tired of always signing K3TIN/X. Having decided to settle in Arizona I obtained the vanity callsign of K7LRB in 2004.

    I enjoy trying a variety of equipment, old and new. The primary purpose of this page is to list equipment for sale or trade, or just to show it off.

    Please feel free to email me direct at:  k7lrb@cox.net

Currently offered FOR SALE:

No radios or equipment is for sale at this time, but keep checking back!