I 'normally' keep a rig standing by on several modes and I will endeavor to keep this page "fresh" as my QRGs and modes are subject to change. Currently, I usually have a station on 'standby' during daylight hours (MST) on 20m with a QRG of 14.068 USB. Normally, Pactor (P1 - P3) are monitored along with VARA (using the VARA "Chat" program). In the evening around dusk (MST) I switch over to 80m with a QRG of 3.593.5 USB, again monitoring Pactor and VARA. If I don't respond it could be that conditions are just not favorable between our two stations OR I am actively operating on another mode/band OR I am otherwise engaged in some other activity. As long as I am in "proximity" of my 'shack' I will try to answer all callers, however, Pactor is set up to accept messages via the "Airmail" program and VARA "Chat" will simply print (and save) whatever text you 'send' from your station. Please note that a 'file' can be sent using VARA Chat as well.

Of course, you may feel free to send me an email any time:  k7lrb@cox.net

                                                                                        I look forward to hearing from you!


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